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Encoding, Transcoding & Multiplexing

Harmonic is the industry's leading provider of encoding, stream processing and video networking solutions for superior-quality broadcast and multiscreen applications.

Broadcast Encoders

Electra 9200 - Universal Multi-Service Encoder


ViBE EM2000 - Premium SD Encoder

ViBE EM4000 - Premium SD/HD Encoder

Broadcast/Multiscreen Encoders

Electra VS - Convergent Video Plataform

Electra X2 - Advanced Media Processor

Electra X2S - Advanced Media Processor

Electra XVM - Virtualized Media Processor

Broadcast/Multiscreen Transcoders

Electra XT - Xtream Transcoder

ProStream 1000 with ACE - Real-Time Stream Processor and Transcoder

ProStream 9100 with ACE - High-Density Stream Processor and Transcoder

Stream Processors & Multiplexers

NetProcessor 9030/40 - Multiplexer and Video Processor

ProStream 9100 - High-Density Stream Processor

ProStream X - Video Stream Processor & Gateway

ProStream XVM - Virtualized IP Video Stream Processor


Network Management & Quality Analysis

DMS - Video Distribution Management System

FlexAminer - Monitor and Analyze Statiscal Multiplexing Pools


Iris - Advanced Video Analytics


NMX - Digital Service Manager

VOS Flex - Simplified Management

XMS - Unified Management System


Monitoring & Switching


Amethyst III - Redundancy Switch

Audio/Video Codec Analyzer - File Based Media Analyzer