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Multiscreen Delivery

Harmonic multiscreen preparation and delivery systems support a complete ecosystem for monetizing your content and delivering a compelling viewing experience to any device.

Media Processing System

VOS SW Cluster - Media Processing Software

Multiscreen Encoders/Transcoders

Electra VS - Convergent Video Plataform

Electra X2 - Advanced Media Processor

Electra X2S - Advanced Media Processor

Electra XVM - Virtualized Media Processor

ProMedia Carbon - File-Based Transcoder

ProMedia Xpress - High-Performance Transcoder

WFS - File-Based Workflow Engine


Broadcast/Multiscreen Transcoders

Electra XT - Xtream Transcoder

ProStream 1000 with ACE - Real-Time Stream Processor and Transcoder

ProStream 9100 with ACE - High-Density Stream Processor and Transcoder

Adaptive Bitrate Delivery

ProMedia X Origin - Multiscreen Media Server

ProMedia Package - Multiscreen Stream Packager

ProMedia Application Servers - High-Performance Appliances