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Contribution & Distribution

The smart choice for DSNG and live event coverage, Harmonic contribution encoders and IRDs let you capture pristine video at the front end of the broadcast chain and deliver it over satellite or unmanaged IP networks with ultra-low latency.


ProView 7100 - Integrated Receiver-Decoder, Transcoder and Stream Processor

ProView 8100 - Commercial Integrated Receiver-Decoder

RD9000 - UHD HEVC Professional Decoder

Multiscreen Encoders/Transcoders

ViBE CP3000 - Contribution Encoder

ViBE CP6000 - Contribution Plataform

ViBE CP6100 - Half-Rack Contribution Plataform

ViBE CP9000 - HD/UHD Contribution Plataform


SMD 9200 - Professional DVB-S/S2 Modulator

SMD 9300 - Broadcast Satellite Modulator

DVB-T2 Gateway

NetProcessor 9030/40 - DVB-T2 Gateway

Compressed Playout

Sapphire - MPEG Stream Server

Spectrum XE - Playout system


Stream Processors & Multiplexers

Flextream 2.0 - Statistical Multiplexing Solution

NetProcessor 9030/40 - Multiplexer and Video Processor

ProStream 9100 - High-Density Stream Processor


Distribution Management

DMS - Video Distribution Management System