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Playout & Storage

Harmonic video servers, shared storage and content management systems offer professional media organizations with open platforms optimized for the production, transformation and distribution of digital media. 

Media Storage

MediaGrid - Shared storage


Media Server Systems

Spectrum X - Advanced Media Server System

Spectrum ChannelPort - Integrated Channel Playout System

Spectrum MediaDeck 7000 - Integrated Media Server

Spectrum MediaPort 7000 - Real-Time Video Encoder/Decoder

Spectrum MediaDirector - Server Controller

Spectrum Media Center - Media Server with Integrated Storage

Spectrum MediaStore - Storage Array

Media Server Application

MediaTools - Productivity Software Applications


SystemManager - Server and Storage System           Administration

Automation & Asset Management

Polaris Advance - Integrated Channel Playout Automation System


Polaris Elite - Multichannel Playout Automation System

Polaris Play - Channel-in-a-Box Automation System

Polaris Live - Manual Device Control Application

Compressed Playout

Sapphire - MPEG Stream Server

Spectrum XE - Playout system

Content & Workflow Management

FilmPartners MXFserver - Production Management System

ProXplore - Media and Workflow Management

Media Application Server - Asset Management Platform

WFS - File-Based Workflow Engine